We are living in a technology era that’s there are many things that are easier to achieve now. In this article, we’ll discuss one of them. So here we start, with our laptop. If you are out of home one of the major issues you can face is the charging of your electronics gadgets whether it’s a mobile phone or laptop. But with the evolution of technology, we have the ability to recharge our gadgets other than the main electricity source. As far as mobile concern everyone knows any mobile can easily recharge on car battery sources. Here we’ll discuss our laptop.

If you are away from your office or home and you had an urgent call to complete a job but when you look at your laptop’s charging it’s almost dead in that case you may suffer some issue. But don’t worry anymore because we’ll tell you how you can charge your laptop in your car if you face such circumstances.  In that present era, it’s not a big deal to charge your laptop in your car.

However, in some definite car, modern technology is used to overcome that problem. In these cars, there is a wireless charging plate or stand present to charge some high capacity devices as well as mobile phones. But we talking about laptop charging in a car so in that case, you must have some special inverter to get the job done. We know that in every car there is a cigarette socket/lighter port that is present which is located aside the music player of your car. One the simple and the easiest way to charge a laptop in the car through a perfect adaptor. We know that every car offers a 12V DC power outlet so you can attach your adaptor with that provided outlet and charge your laptop easily to make sure one thing that your car is in start mode. On the other hand, if the car’s engine is switched off it will not be able to charge your laptop. The car’s outlet for cigarette ignition supplies only 12V DC while the laptop requires 110/220V AC to charge itself via a charger.

How it works?

We know every car offers only 12V Direct Current Power supply Outlet via Cigarette port. By using this port you can easily charge your electronic gadgets except for laptop. The reason is that laptops require 110/220 V of Alternating Current power supply to charge its battery. So, in that case, you must have a power inverter that can convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to get the job done. In that way, you can easily power up your laptop in your car easily.

To understand the working of invertor, when you connect it with 12 V DC outlet it gets started and after converting 12V DC to 110V or above deliver to your laptop adaptor. You should be very much aware of this undertaking on the off chance that you as of now have attempted to chase down a vehicle charger for your PC as it costs you 60$ for a particular charger. It’s somewhat costly however and can be sensitive with the desire they complement an appropriate tip so you may not lose it. Any inverter can without much of a stretch permit you to utilize 240V max primary machine from your vehicle’s outlet source. So cigarette lighter can be utilized to charge your PC or different electronic gadgets where the enormous common of them go with USB accessories.

Effect of Invertor on Car’s Battery:

Before using any invertor you must have to gain some info about invertors, there are different power inverters in the market and offers different features like 150W, 240W, 300W, 1200W, 2000W, and 5000W power supply. If you do not know the exact process of selecting an appropriate invertor and you attached it blindly then you may face a short circuit in your car and probably it will damage your laptop. That’s why you should know which type of invertor will suit you to charge your laptop in a car. So here we tell you that all you have to get an invertor with rating 150W and 300W which is compatible to charge your laptop in a car. But this inverter will consume your car’s battery quicker than mobile. On the other hand, its advantage is that it can your laptop even your car’s engine is switched off.

If you are using any power inverter in your car to charge your gadgets make sure to disconnect it after every use. Unfortunately, if you forget to remove invertor it will consume all your car’s battery in a night, so be careful with that perspective. We recommend you never use invertor if your car is parked because in that case, invertor can end up battery quickly.

But it totally depends on you, if you use power inverters with the care it won’t hurt your car or laptop. Though, there is a risk so be careful while using power inverter to charge your laptop. So it’s highly recommended that you should always use a branded inverter to charge your laptop in a car that never goes for cheap and local investors. Because the inexpensive inverter can damage your car’s battery as well as your laptop.

Best power inverter to charge laptop in a Car:

In the market plenty of power inverter is available. But the issue is how you know which one suits you. We know every invertor comes with its some specific rating mostly invertor having rating 150W to 1000W are used to charge laptop in a car. So, in that case, you should know the exact wattage of your laptop’s charger. Here we offer you some best inverter available in the market to use for laptop charging in the car.


Bestek is one of the most common power inverter which has the ability to convert Direct Current 12 Voltage to 110V Alternating Current easily and it offers 4.2 Ampere and double USB car adapter. It is known because it is a branded inverter for laptop charging and it is compatible within 300 W rating. It can deal up to 700 watts easily but it’s not recommended to use that limit.

 Technical Specifications:

  • It offers two 110V AC openings Present for fast charging
  • It has 2 USB charging ports
  • It has a built-in fuse to protect your laptop
  • It is perfect and lightweight
  • Best option to charge your laptop

Foval 200W Power Inverter:

Foval 200W power inverter is also one the best power inverter present in the market to charge your laptop in a car. It is known because of its cool features and user-friendly nature. One of the key features is that it comes with a 3.2 inches transportable device which can easily install in your car. It comes with a very small connecting wire of just of 12 inches length. Its main feature is that it comes with a built-in fuse which is used to protect your device and prevent it from different issues like overheating, up down voltage, overcharging and short-circuit.

Furthermore, it has the metal winding inside the circuit which defends from droplets and knocks while charging the device. It also has a silent cooling fan which helps to overcome the heat during working. So we can say that it is the best choice to convert DC to AC current for charging laptop in a car.

Erayak 600W Heavy Duty Power Inverter with 1200W Peak

Now we come to Erayak 600W power inverter as its name shows it is one of the most heavy-duty car power inverter with an enormous 600W of Direct Power supply. It has the ability to deal up to the load volume of 1200W. With the help of Erayak 600W heavy-duty power inverter, you can easily charge two laptops but it’s not recommended.

It very popular invertor among those who know how to charge a laptop in a car. It offers some useful features like it has built-in cooling fans which help to overcome the heat and it also has four internal fuses to prevent short circuits. These features are very useful to prevent overheating, short-circuits, overload, voltages ups down, and low battery. It has the following technical features as well.

Technical Features:

  • It has two ports of 240V
  • Availability of one USB port
  • Having battery clips
  • It has 4 fuse


In this article, we have discussed one of the major issues which are “charge laptop in a car”. So we deal with some useful invertors. So, hopefully, this article will be very useful for you if you have any problem related to charging a laptop in a car. You will also get some useful info about some of the best power inverters. So, if you are facing any issue go for your appropriate invertor, but make sure you well aware of your needs. You can also pick one of them as we discussed above in this article. Be careful and enjoy. Good Luck!