How to Connect the Desktop to the Laptop Screen


Can you learn that you are ready to use your laptop screen as a secondary screen and need to utilize it? If you are not a technical guy, there’s not anything to be worried about. In any case, it does not require any specialized knowledge from you, just a simple idea about the machine you’ve got would be perfect.

Joining your laptop or desktop computer to an outside display is rather straightforward and requires only a few actions.

Moreover, purchasing an extra monitor is very reasonably priced today and can produce your task more uncomplicated, running many displays. But before buying an additional monitor, it is best to know about exactly what your computer can relate to. It is highly a good idea to have a glimpse in the trunk and on the sides in case of a laptop and see that the vents you’ve got.

Precisely the same applies to a port and cable you may have. Inside this guide, we are going to talk about adapters and connectors that you may use to connect your individual computer to multiple displays, the best way to produce the hyperlink and how to configure the display settings to work well for you.

Precautions before connecting:

Get the ideal cable. Be sure you receive a monitor cable which matches the sockets in your laptop and monitor. Inform your operating system you are using another display. It is simple to do so in Windows 10 by merely heading to a desktop, right-click on your mouse and go to Screen Settings.

On Macs, the link with an external monitor is automatically understood. Prepare the orientation of these monitors. In both PCs and Macs, you can select if you desire the next display to mirror your laptop display or to function as an expansion of the initial. Access the Control Panel on Your Computer or System Preferences in your Mac.


  • VGA Adapters and connectors
  • DVI Adapters and connectors
  • HDMI Cables
  • Thunderbolt
  • DisplayPort interface

VGA Adapters and connectors:

It does so by acting as a connection between the computer and the monitor between the computer and the TV display. The video picture cable comes in 2 forms, female and male connector.

It’s constructed from high-quality substances and conveys an unconditional guarantee. Chiefly, it’s a digital connector with three rows of 15 hooks onto it. A VGA cable has numerous applications in the digital area.

It’s used to link and send signals between computers and monitors, involving televisions and computers, and between machines and laptops. The video images array cable operates by carrying the digital signals and information from 1 hardware device to the next.

The signs are typically in the type of video signals. The cable works by moving analogue elements of the red, blue, green, horizontal, perpendicular, and also VESA data.

DVI Adapters and connectors:

This gives a quicker, higher-quality image than with analogue, due to the character of the electronic format. All video cards initially generate a digital video signal, which can be converted into analogue at the VGA output.

The analogue signal travels to the monitor and also can be re-converted to an electronic message. This link is principally utilized in computers such as sending pictures to displays. But, you might encounter them in specific AV equipment, particularly projectors.

There are three kinds of wires and connections, and each type has a slightly different pin arrangement.

HDMI Cables:

This worldwide connectivity standard has been created with a clear mandate of using a high definition transmitting video and sound in a vast array of merchandise. HDMI is present to boost quality in audio and viewing systems. Using one HDMI cable, then you can experience all electronic options which you use to connect and interconnect with different elements on your home of a workplace program.

This improved technology makes sure your systems may communicate with each other as they exchange essential details. This makes space for alterations and optimization to be created automatically in a free and straightforward method. HDMI might seem like a fancy science expression to people who don’t up continue using technologies.


Thunderbolt 3 is the most recent edition of thunderbolt, and it utilizes precisely the identical layout as the recognizable usb-c connector. This connector can be used for simplicity. However, there are several other reasons, too.

Early variations of thunderbolt relied upon a mini DisplayPort design connector, and apple was the only significant manufacturer to adopt thunderbolt. But barely any laptops used or might utilize mini DisplayPort as well as together with usb-c coming to the fore and in many ways replacing mini DisplayPort, it made great sense.

Thunderbolt 3 supports the DisplayPort protocol too, which means that you may use one cable to daisy-chain and push multiple 4k screens at 60 Hz. Additionally, it supplies usb rates of up to 10gbps, and it can connect up to 2 4k monitors, outputting video and sound signal at precisely the same moment. Additionally, thunderbolt 3 is backwards compatible with thunderbolt 2.

DisplayPort interface:

At a simple level, DisplayPort works exactly like any other sound and video data link. You plug in one end of this cable into your device, be it a laptop, desktop, or outside graphics card, and another into your screen. The apparatus may detect one another and configure items automatically.

Still, you might have to use a remote or the controls on your monitor to pick the DisplayPort input signal manually. Additionally, you will likely want to manually set the right resolution and refresh rate on your screen.


Laptops are not just wireless, mobile desktop computers. With the ideal set up, you can turn your laptop computer into a multi-tasking workhorse that will make you say “Gee, I never believed that I could do everything!” Then you will be set. Obtaining more display inches is not the sole reason someone may want to join a monitor to your laptop.

Here are a few situations that spell out a number of the additional added benefits. Connecting your computer to a monitor allows you to go into split-screen style, where you could watch a movie in your PC monitor and converse about it on your laptop display. This provides you with a fresh set up that stops you from needing to keep toggling back and forth between programs.

More display real Functions can be transferred from 1 screen to another, so you don’t need to shrink down windows or toggle to view two apps at precisely the same moment. This sort of setup is excellent for numerous situations, from leisure tasks like video chatting as you are on Facebook to upgrading a job spreadsheet as you’re referencing details on a different stage.

Extra Using Windows* 10, you can choose between a standard desktop view along with the new Metro menu. However, when you link your laptop to another desktop display, you can get your proverbial cake and eat it too by conducting both in the same moment.


In this article, we discussed different methods to connect the desktop to the laptop screen. If you have any issue related to this, it will work for you. It’s your choice which method suits you according to your needs. Good Luck!