How To Reduce Laptop Fan Noise

Unusual heat is a reason that can cause the fan to run faster, and this may reduce the performance of the system and damage internal components. Usually, a laptop has two or more fans to keep cool its internal components. On regular usage, a computer produces heat and becomes warm. At that time, fans spin quickly to reduce heat and cool the internal components. The fast spin of fans creates noise.

There may be many reasons behind it if your laptop fan is producing noise. But it’s not too difficult to remove those things. Many people think that it’s impossible to fix this problem at home, but that’s not right. You can easily reduce the fan noise of your laptop at home.

If you want to find a solution to reduce the fan noise of your laptop, then this article is just according to your problem. Here we will try to tell you and guide that how you could easily reduce the fan noise of your laptop or desktop computer.

Here we will try to tell you some effective and easy ways to reduce fans’ noise of your laptop. Just scroll down and apply these methods to fix your problem.

Clean inside to get rid of dust is a widespread problem of a fan’s noise. It causes hindrance in the ventilation system of a laptop, which prevents your laptop from cooling down quickly. And this heat can damage hardware and reduce the performance of computer. That’s why you should take some serious measures to clean your laptop and remove dust.

It’s crucial to blow out the dust from your computer at least one time in a year. It will be helpful to keep your laptop working properly. Naturally, many people hesitated to open their laptop for cleaning; they want to go for a professional. But literally, it’s not very difficult to open your laptop. Take a screwdriver and let’s start. For dust cleaning, follow these simple steps.

  • Turn off your laptop
  • Plug out the electricity
  • Put your hand on the backside and remove its battery
  • Find the air went and unscrew the panel
  • Now, you can see the fan, so it’s time to clean it
  • After that blow out the dust carefully to inside or outside of the panel

Close unnecessary taps and programs:

It’s widespread is working people that they have opened too many tabs, processes, and programs that they are not using. Those processes take some part of processor and ram memory. They take a large part of the laptop’s memory as well. The system also provides an effort to run them successfully. This unwanted processing may cause overheating, and then fans spin quickly to cool it down.

Typically, these kinds of tabs and programs are not the fault of the user. You can check those processes by merely opening the task manager. By opening the task manager, you will find many Google chrome processes.

It can slow down your laptop and also cause fan noise. So here is the solution to this problem. If you don’t want to open many tabs and programs, then you should change the settings.

For setting change, right-click on the chrome icon, open the “Start” menu, and select “properties.” Open the “Target” text box and go to the end of the line. Insert “process-per-site” in the box and click “Apply.” Your problem is fixed.

Cool your laptop by using an additional cooler:

Typically, laptops have two or more fans to keep them cool, but if the temperature of your laptop remains high, then you can use an additional cooler, it will help you to reduce the temperature of your laptop.

An additional cooler is the very best option to cool your laptop and prevent it from overheating. Some specially designed coolers are available in the market, you can buy it. It will keep cool your laptop and reduce its fan’s noise as well.

To use a cooler, you’ll need to put it under your laptop. This additional fan also helps to increase the performance of your laptop. If you are working on highly complex programs, then you must use a cooler. You will get some fantastic results from this method to reduce the fan noise of your laptop.

Replace the Noisy Fan Entirely:

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and your laptop’s fans are still noisy, then it’s time to replace them. Sometimes, it’s also possible that a fan is working well, but still, it can produce a loud sound. So if your laptop has a smaller fan, then you should replace it with a relatively more giant fan. The larger fan also helps your system to cool down quickly.

Lift your laptop:

Lifting a laptop from its surface is another good option to cool down your system and reduce the fan noise of your laptop. It’s a straightforward and easy method that can be used without any experience and investment.

Cooling fans are generally fixed under the bottom of laptops; it’s good to leave some space between the surface and bottom of your laptop. So if there will be some gap between the body and bottom of the laptop, then fans will blow much more air very easily, and it will prevent your laptop from overheating.

I think it is the cheapest method that you can use at your home to cool down your system and reduce the fan’s noise of your laptop. Another essential thing to remember that your main purpose is to boost up the ventilation system of your laptop, so you can almost use it anything as an elevation tool.

Use a Software:

There is much third-party software available that you can use to reduce the fan noise of your laptop. By using this software, you can increase or decrease the fan speed of your laptop. But you should be very careful by using this software because too much decrease in fan’s speed may cause overheating, and it will affect the overall performance of your system.

So I recommend this method to only those users who are fully aware of the use. It would help if you always did some research before installing and using the software. “Speed Fan” is the best software that can help you to manage the fan speed of your laptop. It will help you to reduce the fan noise of your laptop.

Give your Laptop or PC Room to Breathe:

Air circulation is significant for the ventilation system of a laptop or PC. If there is no proper room for air circulation, then your laptop will get hotter. Fans will not be able to pass air and decrease the temperature so that they will produce a louder sound.

Please don’t put your laptop on the plush surface; otherwise, it’ll block the air circulation. The very simple point that you should keep in mind that anything which blocks the airflow, causes overheating and fans try to spin faster. That’s why they produce louder sounds and become noisy.

Bottom Line:

In the end, I hope you’ll find the solution to your problem with the help of the methods mentioned above. I tried my best to provide you some very easy solutions. In light of the given solutions, now it’s easy for you to reduce the fan noise of your laptop at home.

If your laptop’s fan is still producing noise, then it’s time to go to a professional. If your device is still under warranty, then you should go to the relevant store and follow the manufacturer’s policies. But if your laptop doesn’t have a warranty, then repair shops are also a good option. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you, and it will make your life easier.