How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4

Gaming is fun for people who love spending their free time wisely. For the lovers, they will have to enjoy the features and power that PS4 provides. PS4 is one of the best gaming features, and it is hugely fun for its lovers. You can always play for hours because of the high screen resolution, which makes it perfect for the job.

There are hundreds of gaming options available, and everyone has a right to choose from them. You can select action games, strategic games, and even going rampage towards killing zombies everywhere. The PS4 will be there to offer you the best fun.

There are challenges associated with this because there are times people need to watch a TV and thus not necessary to convert. The worst-case can be when your TV is out for some repairs. On these situations, most gamers will be curious about how they can use a laptop as the monitor for their PS4.

The computer will also allow the players to get to the action using their laptop as the monitor, and they will not have to wait for their turn on the television again. They will always game at their preferred time.

How to use Laptop as Monitor for a Sony PS4

Sony PS4

Sony PS4 is one of the easiest while connecting to a PS4 but challenging for those who do not follow instructions. It will not be accessible if the right procedure is not applied. You need to be extra cautious while playing the game.

The only question here is, is it possible to connect? The answer is going to be a yes, and it is possible. The thing is, the process is complex but still manageable. You only need to put your thinking cap on when you can try making the connection of the console with the laptop.

You are required to look for a laptop that is compatible with video input in order to play PS4. In most laptops, the options are not available. For those who think that they can quickly get a solution to the problem, then they have more things to learn.

If you attach the HDMI cable to the laptop, you can then start playing the games on the laptop’s display. The cable is usually one-directional and usually does not support duplet link during connection. The set HDMI port on both the PS4 and also the computer are an output port that generally means you can’t make a connection between the two of them.

There are two simple ways to follow in order to succeed on your link for using a laptop screen as a monitor for PS4 games.

Using a Capture Card

capture card

You need to first begin by connecting the console to your laptop using the video capture cards. The method is usually not complicated. You will have to spend some few bucks to get most of the equipment used for setting.

For you to build this system, you need to have a video capture card, laptop, HDMI cable and a connection to Ethernet or the WiFi.

Step 1

The first thing you need is turning on the file-sharing option in your PS4 menu, which is usually under the settings tab. The network option which helps you to find the network settings in order for you to get the network option.

If you lack a wireless internet connection, you can opt to use a WiFi router. You will then use the PS4 configurations and also the computer for you to connect successfully.

Step 2

After establishing a good connection, you immediately start to stream between the two machines. You are required to attach the video capture card to your laptop by using the USB port. Video cards are usually developed with the installation suite. The program will become very easy to install and do the setup when you have the right materials with you.

Step 3

This time you are required to send an s-video connection which you can get from a retail store. You can always find it on a computer and gaming shop. You will use this connection to join the video card to the PS4 console.

Step 4

After you are done connecting your capture card to the PS4 console, install and run the software and then turn it on your PS4. The software is going to auto-track the PS4 console and then display it on the laptop screen.

After you are done, you will no longer need to wait for people to watch the television so that you can go back to the games.

How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For PS4 With an HDMI

Gaming is smooth when you have the right tools with you. It would help if you had the availability of a Sony Remote Play together with a PS4 console. This tool will enable you to stream these games on your laptop.

The system has a tool that will allow the PS4 for a remote connection so that you can smoothly enjoy your gaming. In the setup, you will need a laptop, gaming console USB cable and also your account that has been set up on a PlayStation platform. This arrangement works well if your internet connection is fast.

Before starting this process, you are required to arrange the LCD screen before setting on the laptop. You are going to need it on the PS4 system’s settings.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is downloading the latest version of your remote play app from the sony website. The website must be compatible with your laptop. The app will come with an installer which will not be a tricky thing to download.

Step 2

After installation is done, make sure you turn on your PS4 and then going to settings to enable the Remote Play Connection. On this, you should have the network access for your games through having your PS4 activated and then leaving it on the rest mode.

If you have not confirmed whether your system is on the rest mode through default, make sure you explore it through the power save settings. If you find that it’s not in the rest mode, make sure to do so in the settings.

Step 3

Now you should toggle the “ Enable Turning On” prefer to run the console from the connected network. You should then turn on the Remote Application on the laptop and then find the settings option in your already downloaded app.

You can use the set the screen resolution that ideally should be at 720p. Also, remember to use the USB cable to connect the controller with your computer.

Step 4

This step gives you the time to pair your controllers with the laptop through plugging in the USB adapter and pushing it for a few seconds. You will be able to see the start button at the Remote Play App. When you click the button, the app is going to take you to the Play Station login screen on the network.

That way, the app will be able to select the PS4 in the system automatically. You will be all set to be able to stream the games on the laptop by using this method.


In conclusion, the above two methods will help you get the best experience from gaming using a laptop screen. They are straightforward to follow, and you can even check online for more videos and tutorials to understand them better.